Mystery board,
Oil on cork board, thread, nails, 24”x36”, 2020

Earthworm Day,
Oil on canvas, 64”x48”, 2019


Soft Rules,
Oil and vine charcoal on stretched bedsheet, 18”x20”, 2019

Goat on the beach ,
Oil, modeling paste, and sand medium on canvas, 14”x18”, 2019

Between the fence slats,
Oil and vine charcoal on canvas, 36”x50”, 2019

Awe of The Lighthouse,
Oil on wood, 16”x20”, 2019

A mosh with the pups,
Oil on canvas, 16”x20”, 2019

Oil and glitter on canvas, 36”x50”, 2019

Guilt Witnessing the Pilgrimage,
Oil on canvas, 64”x48”, 2018

Hungarian lace pattern study,
Oil on unstretched canvas, 64”x24”, 2019

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