Straightjacket for Chloris,
Welded steel, 28”x20”x6”, 2019

Birth net,
Window screen, twine, wood frame, and metal part, 30”x30”, 2020

Radiator hangout,
Partial radiator, foam, modeling paste, glue, and acrylic, 20”x26”x4”, 2019
Entropy still life,
Batteries, string, cloth, plastic bag, hot glue, hamster bedding, and oil paint on cardboard, 10”x12”x15”, 2017
Entropy diagram,
Aquarium rocks, wax, and plastic containers, 33”x33”, 2017

Organ System,
Welded scrap metal, 72”x10”x10”, 2016

Brain in the jungle ,
Foam board, spray foam, house paint, collage, ink, glass, mesh, bicycle tubing, and acrylic, 60”x36”x12”, 2015

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