Works on paper:

Graphite aquarelle, watercolor, and acrylic paint on paper, laminated, pins, 
15”x20”, 2020

Poem study,
Graphite on paper, mounted on cardboard,
collage, found objects,
18”x20”, 2020

Study in units,
Graphite on palette paper, mounted on packing tape, 2020

Fairy bug lady,
Cut paper and overhead projector, 60”x60”, 2019

Dog dream,
Silkscreen print, 20”x24”, 2018

Mindmap for Rest,
Detail of Silkscreen print, 10”x6”, 2018

Trash catalog,
Found objects and tape on canvas paper, 24”x18”, 2019

Key diptych,
Spray paint, collage, and ink on cardboard, 8”x5”, 12”x7”, 2017

Ink on paper, 2017

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